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Paul Berman påviser klare forbindelser mellom nazismen og islamismen i sitt nye angrep på Tariq Ramadan.

Paul Berman påviser klare forbindelser mellom nazismen og islamismen i sitt nye angrep på Tariq Ramadan.

Minerva har tidligere publisert Paul Bermans kritikk mot Tariq Ramadan. Nylig har Berman utgitt en ny bok der han går grundigere til verks. Boken — The Flight of the Intellectuals er behørig og rosende omtalt av blant annet Knut Olav Åmås i Aftenposten og Bjørn Gabrielsen i Dagens Næringsliv.

Joel Whithey har intervjuet Berman om boken, og spesielt om forbindelsen mellom islamisme og nazismen — den beryktede islamofascisme-tesen, og passende nok gitt intervjuet tittelen Nazi Sheikhs. Jeg tillater meg å gjengi noen lengre utdrag fra et meget langt og godt intervju i tidsskriftet Guernica.

In his book in praise of his grandfather, The Roots of the Muslim Renewal, Ramadan suppressed his and the Mufti’s Fascist ties. While claiming to be a moderate seeking to forge an attractive, modern Islam, here was someone who was obfuscating a key tie between Islam and Nazism, which spawned Islamism. This was Muslim reform, Ramadan-style. (…)

The Germans themselves, the SS, set about together with the Mufti and some other Arab exiles in Berlin during the war to recast the Nazi vision of the Jews in the worldwide struggle in language that was not Nazi but drawn from the Koran and other sacred scriptures of Islam; it was creating something new, something really horrific, which was Islamic and Nazi both. (…)

So the Nazi propaganda, mostly radio, but also leaflets, called on Arabs and Muslims to rise up and massacre the Jews. And the Mufti was especially virulent in his calls for this and issued these calls in an ancient Islamic language, sometimes quoting some hadith or scriptural traditions from Islam. (…)

The Mufti had a great prestige among the Nazi leaders and agitated forcefully and publicly in Europe to urge the Nazis to go further and kill still more people. There were a number of times when the Nazis were willing to allow some groups of Jews to leave Europe and escape to Palestine and a large number of children. The Nazis had wanted to do this as a kind of phony propaganda effort to show that they were nice (and anyway expected the Jews to be exterminated in Palestine by the Arabs, or by themselves when they eventually got there). And the Mufti agitated against this. The Mufti was calling successfully for the Nazis to show no clemency and instead send these Jews to Poland, which is to say to be murdered. (…)

Ramadan is creating a false image of the Islamist ideology as a whole. Because once you’ve read these Nazi propaganda things and the Mufti’s speeches from the nineteen forties and then you turn and look at Sayyid Qutb from the nineteen fifties and sixties and then you turn and look at Sheik Yusuf al-Qaradawi from our own moment, you recognize that Qaradawi is repeating almost word for word the Mufti’s Islamic Nazi propaganda from the nineteen forties calling for extermination of the Jews, interpreting Hitler as sent to do God’s work, which was a major theme of Nazi propaganda. And then you look at Ramadan’s writings; you realize that if Ramadan has a single great hero, it is Sheik Qaradawi. (…)

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